Design and image localization

Many source texts such as catalogues, technical datasheets, manuals etc. include a significant number of charts, images. Depending on the context, these may be essential for communication and vitally important, an aspect which is relevant for technical material where the images show parts of a machine or tool and are an actual part of the operating instructions, and for marketing translations, where images are essential to convey specific messages.

These images often include sentences, explanations or text chunks that must be translated. However, as they are a part of the image, they cannot be overwritten. So the translator cannot work on these parts, unless they are modified beforehand.

This is another of AIR Translations’ working sectors. We can take care of any kind of image containing text, adapting this text linguistically and visually. Texts are extracted and transferred in a specific file which is then sent to the translator. Once the text is translated, our expert publishers recompose the image, overwriting the target text on the source text. The document is then complete and ready for use.

AIR Translations will be happy to provide you with any kind of support and assistance