Desktop Publishing

Multilanguage Desktop Publishing (DTP) has become an essential part of the translation process and translation agencies now have specialised DTP professionals on their staff. DTP specialists create or reproduce the layout of translated texts and are in charge of the production, manipulation and management of all images which are part of the text, in manuals, websites or any other printed or digital material

In all sectors of written translation, page layouts often have to be modified, because the number of characters on the page varies depending on the target language (sometimes the number of translated characters can outnumber the original by more than 30%). Plus every language has its own rules on punctuation and syllabification, and this is especially relevant for printed material such as translated manuals, brochures, publications and catalogues. Desktop publishing also deals with editing images containing text to be transcribed, translated and reintegrated.

AIR Translations’ staff includes graphic designers and DTP specialists with considerable experience in the linguistic sector, able to manage any kind of job in all digital formats, ensuring our clients are delivered products ready to print.

Thanks to the support of our highly-skilled staff, we can provide a fully comprehensive service from translation to DTP, so the client avoids intermediate stages, making the entire process quicker and more streamlined.

AIR Translations works with non-Latin languages, such as Chinese, Japanese and Arabic, covering all possible problems related to page layout in these languages (text orientation, fonts). Thanks to localized software, the page layout is precise and accurate, in accordance with all the graphic and stylistic rules of the target language.

We work with the following software:

  • InDesign®
  • Illustrator®
  • Photoshop®
  • QuarkXpress®
  • Pacchetto Microsoft®
  • Office®
  • Publisher®
  • Autocad®

Thanks to the experience of our staff, AIR Translations can advise on the best procedure to use depending on the file format, and suggest the most suitable approach for the files to translate.

AIR Translations will be happy to provide you with any kind of support and assistance