Economic and financial translations

With the advent of globalization, financial markets are at the base of all countries’ economies, with specific languages and contents that vary from country to country. The translation of economic and financial documents therefore requires an ability to understand the documents in the first place, as well as the technique to adapt them.

Not only must the translators of these documents master specific terminology in both the source and target languages, they must also have considerable knowledge of the laws regulating financial markets in various countries.

AIR Translations works with experienced translators who understand the importance of financial translation, thanks to their daily contribution to multilingual projects.

Sensitive documents such as financial reports or financial statements require the utmost attention and expertise, to guarantee the accuracy of the final result. AIR Translations is specialised in translating financial statements and articles of association, and also offers certified translations for official documents.

AIR Translations will be happy to provide you with any kind of support and assistance