Interpreting Services

Interpreting is an essential service for international companies dealing with foreign clients and partners who do not speak the same language, to interact with them, and hold business meetings and negotiations.

AIR Translations works with a wide range of professional interpreters who are able to provide fully comprehensive services for and cultural mediation at congresses, trade shows, conventions and during business negotiations.

Liaison interpreting, chuchotage, simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, conference calls and linguistic advice for companies are the main services we provide.

Interpreters are selected on the basis of their technical, linguistic, interpersonal skills and their specialisation in a given sector. All our interpreters, as well as our translators, have university degrees and expert knowledge in interpreting, linguistics or specific foreign languages.

In addition, AIR Translations can provide the necessary equipment for all interpreting services, such as portable devices for simultaneous translation, booths, etc.

AIR Translations will be happy to provide you with any kind of support and assistance