Liaison interpreting

Liaison interpreting takes place in all those settings, from trade fairs to corporate headquarters, where communication between international partners could be hindered by linguistic differences.

This kind of interpreting is therefore for small groups of people and does not include the use of any equipment, as opposed to simultaneous interpreting.

Receiving a foreign guest, a potential client or a future business partner at the company’s headquarters or at a trade fair means giving all those involved the chance to understand each other, during business negotiations and presentations of activities and services. So an expert liaison interpreter, who can convey both the literal sense of what is being said and the business/commercial context of the exchange on which the outcome of the negotiation depends is a must.

That is why interpreting is essential, to guarantee effective, high-quality communication. Only through good interpreting can a message be understood and received correctly.

AIR Translations works with professional interpreters selected on the basis of their technical, linguistic and interpersonal skills and their specialisation in a given sector. Thanks to their professional expertise, AIR Translations guarantees successful negotiations, becoming the ideal partner for your business.

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