Language localization is the adaptation of a text through a highly complex process including, besides literal translation, cultural adaptation that takes into account the lifestyle and socio-cultural differences of the country where the text will be used.

This process can and must include even profound modifications to the source text, and calls for specialist cultural and translation skills, both in the source and target languages. The meaning of words, irony, sarcasm, double meanings, sayings, nuances and the inherent meaning of the text are linguistic features linked to culture, and so it is very important to convey them in translation.

Localization means more than just being able to translate. It is important to really know the culture the translation refers to and AIR Translations, through its own network of native speaker translators specialised in this sector, offers translation services in more than 100 language combinations for:

  • websites;
  • software;
  • apps.

AIR Translations will be happy to provide you with any kind of support and assistance