Marketing and Communication

Communicating image and identity is critical for a company’s success. In the global market, where consumers are increasingly discerning, advertising, marketing and communication are crucial.

Translation for marketing and communication is, in itself, a highly complex and often underestimated field, involving the creation of captivating and compelling content which almost never matches the literal translation of the source text. To have an impact on its audience, a message must be contextualized and adapted to the target culture.

AIR Translations works with translators who have long-standing experience in the field of marketing and communication, offering effective solutions in various sectors such as:

  • Local and global advertising/marketing strategies;
  • Advertising campaigns;
  • Corporate communications;
  • Corporate brochures;
  • Presentations;
  • Brand manuals;
  • Newsletters.

AIR Translations’ project managers always guarantee the best communication between translator and client. The translator receives all instructions and information to correctly convey the client’s messages, intentions and goals to achieve through the source text.

Our translators in this sector use transIation memories, glossaries and specific terms of the field, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency in every project.

AIR Translations ensures maximum confidentiality and discretion, also signing specific non-disclosure agreements based on the client’s needs.

AIR Translations will be happy to provide you with any kind of support and assistance