MEPA licence

MEPA, the Public Administration Electronic Market, is a digital market through which entitled administrations can purchase goods and services from authorised suppliers.

MEPA offers many advantages for purchasing administrations (shorter procurement times, transparency and traceability, a wider range of choices, meeting specific needs), and for the provider (fewer commercial costs, optimised sales times, access to the public administration market, visibility, competitiveness, opportunities for continual improvement).

In order to access the market, a licence is needed. This allows companies to take part in tenders for the sale of goods and services on MEPA.

AIR Translations is an authorised supplier on MEPA. To find our products, you only need to type a generic description of the required product (i.e. technical translation). Alternatively, you can consult the MEPA electronic catalogue, selecting the type of goods required. Besides taking part in tenders, MEPA offers the chance to purchase goods and services directly.

AIR Translations will be happy to provide you with any kind of support and assistance