Multimedia instruments and all related tools (websites, apps, videos) are increasingly important in our everyday life. By their very nature, multimedia instruments call for an international approach, i.e. the possibility to interact with and through these instruments in many different languages.

So translation and localization become an actual part of a project involving any multimedia instrument. Translating your website is fundamental to reach the widest audience possible, across the globe.

Translating websites is highly specific. The translator cannot and must not merely translate words. The entire message must be transferred in the target language, considering at the same time the culture and traditions of that language. When translating websites, “localization” is used, which is a technique that aims to make a text readily accessible in a given area of the world. That is why our translators, and particularly translators working on the translation of websites, live in the country of the target site. Only by living day-in day-out in a certain country is it possible to understand its culture, environment and conditions.

AIR Translations provides website and app translations in more than 50 language combinations, thanks to its network of highly specialized, native speaker translators.

Besides translation, we provide all necessary support for website positioning and optimization techniques, thanks to our experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and for the graphic design and structural content of the site or app, using dedicated graphics.

AIR Translations will be happy to provide you with any kind of support and assistance