Patents are used to protect inventions, ideas and trademarks.

Issued by specific organisations, a patent guarantees exclusivity and the exclusive right to the industrial use of an invention, the use of a trademark or model, and may refer to numerous sectors, from chemistry to microbiology, mechanics, engineering, medicine and biochemistry.

Since they contain strictly confidential information concerning new technologies or other inventions or ideas, patents are written in a highly technical and specialized language in order to best and unequivocally describe the item or concept they will protect.

This is why patents must be translated as thoroughly and accurately as possible by skilled technical translators, following the regulations of the country where the patents are registered.

As stated in the Convention on the Grant of European Patents, in the European Union the translation of documents is legally valid. It is therefore fundamental that the translation is accurate down to the last detail. Terminology is also essential, as it is an integral part of the project and so must be established with and approved by the client.

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