Terminology management

Terminology management is crucial in technical translation. Only a correct management of terminology ensures that specific technical terms are used correctly and consistently over time in all types of text: manuals, technical datasheets, brochures and more.

The best approach to any new translation project includes a preliminary stage where terminology is extracted, to identify specific terms in the text to translate. These terms are then entered in a glossary and translated. Often the client approves or changes translated terminologies, based on the specific language used in the target country.

Mismanaged terminology may give rise to inconsistencies and contradictions, and make the terminology useless over time.

AIR Translations acknowledges the importance of terminology management and adopts specific procedures to create and maintain glossaries. Direct interaction with the client is always preferred, to approve terminologies and obtain direct feedback for all translation projects.

We also use computer tools for terminology management that interface with computer assisted translation programmes. This means the terminological database becomes an active part of the project and a working tool for the translator.

At AIR Translations, we provide different solutions in the field, and will be happy to assist clients defining the best strategies for all scenarios.

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