Translation support

The aim of translation is to share a document in a different language.

Private clients could need a translation of a medical report, a real estate contract, a will, court records and notarized documents. Businesses need to translate commercial contracts, websites, manuals or information material.

Different needs call for different solutions, which must always consider the quality of the translation and the client’s specific requests in terms of deadlines and costs.

Steering the client towards the best solution suitable for his or her needs is one of AIR Translations main objectives.

Thanks to our highly skilled staff, we are able to provide our clients with all the necessary support. Our aim is to come up with the most quick and accurate translation processes, preventing all possible setbacks, errors and wasted time.

We want to establish an ongoing dialogue with our clients, through individual meetings to define the client’s needs and the more suitable translation process.

In this way, we can also identify any issues depending on the formats, programmes and tools used.

This is the initial advice we give to all our clients, for any kind of job.

AIR Translations will be happy to provide you with any kind of support and assistance