Translations of Scientific Documentation

The field of medicine is increasingly international and must adapt at a global level.

“Scientific documents” include scientific studies, information leaflets, medical reports, product specifications, articles for academic journals, instruction manuals for biomedical devices, as well as information for use (IFU) of medical and surgical devices, but are also broader-ranging to include disciplines as diverse as physics, biology, chemistry, pharmaceutics, electromedical equipment and veterinary medicine.

Thanks to its service translating scientific material, AIR Translations can meet the requests of pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical devices, cosmetics manufacturers, health authorities, hospitals, biomedical and biotech businesses and many other companies.

The specificity of the terminology employed in these fields requires a translation that is 100% accurate. That is why all our translators have specific specialisations in this sector, to deliver accurate and precise translations, in accordance with the rigour required by this domain.

The use of translations memories, i.e. systems filing previous translations, ensures accurate, consistent terminology and style, and a more streamlined translation process.

As in all other sectors, AIR Translations guarantees maximum confidentiality and discretion, also signing specific non-disclosure agreements based on the client’s needs.

AIR Translations will be happy to provide you with any kind of support and assistance