Translations of Technical Manuals

Technical manuals are an important part of the work cycle of all companies manufacturing complex machines and devices that require documents explaining how to operate and use them correctly.

AIR Translations has considerable experience in the translation of technical documents such as instruction, user, maintenance and electrical manuals, as well as technical datasheets.

In many ways, translation is crucial for all companies exporting complex machines and devices. Translating manuals is often a legal requirement, and without a translation a machine or device cannot be exported. Plus, the translation of an instruction manual in the language of the future operator increases safety and efficiency in the workplace considerably, so users can start working in the best way possible.

To have an accurate translation of a technical manual, it is absolutely necessary to work with translators that have specific expertise in the subject matter. That is why our translators are professionals translating exclusively into their native language, with technical skills gained from years of studies, with specific training and practical experience.

In this sector, it is extremely important to use correct, coherent and consistent terminology in the same document and in all other machine-related contents. That is why translation memories and CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools are used extensively in technical translations.

AIR Translations works with a large network of translators that offer considerable expertise in specialist technical translation, for accurate projects in any production sector, including mechanical engineering, automatic machinery, manufacturing, the automotive industry, metal industry and transport, among others. AIR Translations is also part of a group of companies, so its translators can consult engineers and specialised technicians who often know about the device or machine the translation refers to in person, because they carry out the maintenance. This means an even better quality translation, because it is based on direct experience.

In addition, translations can be completed using AIR Translations desktop publishing service, which can handle any file format (Autocad®, Microsoft Word®, Adobe InDesign®, Adobe FrameMaker®, QuarkXpress®), delivering translations in their original format.

AIR Translations will be happy to provide you with any kind of support and assistance